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raceworksAeroflow Performance Products for Mazda Rotary Performance
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Backed by an unsurpassed knowledge from more than 40 years hands-on mechanical experience with Mazda old-school and performance rotary vehicles.

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This Block off Bung is used to replace the Heat Pellet (Oil Thermostat) in the front of Mazda Rotary Turbo E/Shafts, allowing full oil pressure all the time & reduce the risk of running low oil pressure.
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Price: $15.00
Rx8 Genuine Mazda Factory Oil Filter

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Price: $25.29
Mazda Rotary Engine Oil Pick Up Gasket
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Price: $6.48
This Oil Pick Up Suits Both Mazda 12A & 13B Rx7 Si Sii & Sii Sumps
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Price: $67.57
Currently out of stock.
Oil Pump Chain Suits Early Carby Motors 12A & 13B
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Price: $87.37
Thermal Pellet Mazda Rx7 FC, Rx7 FD & Rx8 86-11 Rx7 & Rx8 Stock Mazda Thermal Pellet
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Price: $215.95
Oil Metering Oil Injector RX8
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Price: $169.76
This Sump Suits Mazda Rx7 SI,II & III when fitting A 13B Motor
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Price: $125.00
Currently out of stock.